Table 3.

Unadjusted and Adjusted Association between Clinic Social Determinants of Health Capacity and Self-Reported Burnout among 1298 Family Physicians Applying for Continuous Certification with the American Board of Family Medicine in 2016*

Perceived Clinic SDH CapacityTotal Family PhysiciansBivariate: Self-Reported Burnout n/N = 351/1298 (27.0%)Multivariable Model 1:Self-Reported BurnoutMultivariable Model 2: Self-Reported Burnout
N = 1298%OR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CI
    Low (<6)70954.6RefRefRefRefRefRef
    High (>6)58945.40.58§0.45–0.740.71§0.52–0.980.66§0.47–0.91
  • * See Appendix Table 2 for full results of regression models.

  • Variables controlled for include % direct patient care, control of workload, team work efficiency EHR time at home, EHR proficiency, stage of PCMH, years in practice, sex, race, ethnicity, and % vulnerable patient population.

  • Variables controlled for include variables in model 1, in addition to practice size, practice ownership, medical school faculty, residency faculty, presence of ancillary staff (pharmacist, social worker, behavior specialist, psychologist), and employment type.

  • § P < .05.

  • SDH, social determinants of health; OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval; Ref, reference.