Table 1.

Bivariate Analyses by Veteran Status

ConditionTotal %/Mean, n = 153,556Veteran, %/Mean, n = 15,361Nonveteran, %/Mean, n = 138,195Veteran vs Nonveteran
Cardiovascular condition
    Coronary heart disease5.59.95.0**
    Heart condition8.311.47.9**
    Heart attack4.17.83.7**
No. of heart conditions
General health
    Very good11.113.410.8
    Non-Hispanic white61.276.759.5**
    Non-Hispanic black13.813.313.8
    Non-Hispanic other race17.76.418.9
Marital status
    Married/living with partner51.153.650.9**
    Never married22.516.023.3
Educational level
    Less than high school diploma15.17.315.9**
    High school diploma or equivalent26.127.625.9
    Some college/2-year degree30.337.429.5
    Four year college degree or higher28.627.828.7
Age (in years)49.656.248.9**
  • ** P < .01.