Table 3.

Negative Binomial Regression for Cardiovascular Conditions by Veteran Status and Sociodemographic Characteristics

ParameterIncidence Rate Ratio95% CI
Veteran Status
General Health
    Very good0.570.55–0.60*
    Non-Hispanic white
    Non-Hispanic black1.061.03–1.09*
    Non-Hispanic other race0.920.90–0.95*
Marital status
    Married/living with partner
    Never married1.000.96–1.05
Educational level
    Less than high school diploma
    High school diploma or equivalent1.010.99–1.04
    Some college/2-year degree1.061.03–1.09*
    Four year college degree or higher1.000.97–1.03
Age (in years)1.041.04–1.04*
Age * veteran status0.990.99–0.99*
    Alpha parameter0.010.00–0.07
    Log of alpha parameter−4.64−6.58 to −2.70
  • * P < .01.

  • CI, confidence interval.