Table 1.

Summary of 38 Network Studies* to Date

Study #Study TitleStudy Design# of Practitioners# of Patients/Other EntitiesStudy Type(s)Classify as…Included in Present Report
Phase 1 studies (2007 to 2012, network not nationwide)
Included in present report
3Assessment of caries diagnosis and treatmentPaper Qx to dentists494QxQxYes
4Reasons for placing the first restoration on permanent tooth surfacesCross-sectional; consecutive patients1924844 patientsClinicalClinicalYes
5Reasons for replacement or repair of dental restorationsCross-sectional; consecutive patients1576092 patientsClinicalClinicalYes
6CONDOR case-control study of ONJCase-control study81764 patientsClinicalClinicalYes
8Longitudinal study of dental restorations placed on previously un-restored surfacesProspective cohort study1924844 patientsClinicalClinicalYes as FU
9Longitudinal study of repaired or replaced dental restorationsProspective cohort study1576092 patientsClinicalClinicalYes as FU
10Development of a patient-based provider intervention for early caries managementCross-sectional; clinical data collection and Qx10336 patientsQx and ClinicalClinicalClinical only
12Prevalence of questionable occlusal caries lesionsCross-sectional584478 patientsClinicalClinicalYes
13Longitudinal study of questionable occlusal caries lesionsProspective cohort study584478 patientsClinicalClinicalYes as FU
15Blood glucose testing in dental practiceCross-sectional23387 patientsClinicalClinicalYes
16aAssessing the impact of participation in PBRNs on patient carePaper Qx with dentists and dental hygienists613QxQxYes
16bAssessing the impact of participation in PBRNs on patient care - repeated 2 yearsPaper Qx with dentists and dental hygienists556QxQxYes
17Peri-operative pain and root canal therapy1-week prospective cohort study55655 patientsClinicalClinicalYes
20Primary care management of TMJDElectronic Qx with dentists434QxQxYes
21Infrastructure update surveyElectronic Qx with dentists649QxQxYes
Excluded from present report
1Dental tobacco control RCTRandomized clinical trial19011,898 patientsQx and ClinicalClinicalNo
2Practice-based root canal treatment effectivenessRetrospective cohort study1384 patientsClinicalClinicalNo
7Retrospective cohort study of ONJRetrospective cohort study using electronic data572,606 patientsClinicalClinicalNo
11Patient satisfaction with dental restorationsCross-sectional1594680 patientsClinicalClinicalNo
14Hygienists' internet tobacco cessation RCTRandomized clinical trial1001814 patientsClinicalClinicalNo
18Persistent pain and root canal therapyProspective cohort study55655 patientsClinicalClinicalNo
19Diagnoses for persistent dentoalveolar pain following root canal therapyNested case series study63354 patientsClinicalClinicalNo
Phase 2 studies (2013 to 2017, network was nationwide)
Included in present report
22Isolation techniques used when performing root canal treatmentElectronic and paper Qx with dentists1491QxQxYes
23Management of suspicious occlusal caries lesionsRandomized clinical trial1253093 patientsQx; ClinicalClinicalYes
24Management of dentin hypersensitivity (2 parts)#1: electronic Qx with dentists2001,876 patientsQx; ClinicalClinicalClinical only
#2: prospective cohort study
25Reducing prescription opioid misuseElectronic Qx with dentists822QxQxYes
28Factors for Successful Crowns Stage 1Electronic Qx with dentists1852QxQxYes
29Factors for Successful Crowns Stage 2Prospective cohort study2073847 patientsClinicalClinicalYes
32Cracked tooth registry studyProspective cohort study2363017 patientsClinicalClinicalBaseline only
34Anterior open-bite treatmentProspective cohort study96358 patientsClinicalClinicalBaseline only
Excluded from present report
26Understanding dental information networksElectronic Qx with dentists1860QxQxNo
27Quit Advisor DDS smoking cessation studyFeasibility non-randomized controlled clinical trial30248 patientsClinicalClinicalNo
30Leveraging EDR data for clinical researchEDR extraction of patients who received root canal treatment and select restorations991,207,155 proceduresClinicalClinicalNo
31Common practices of head & neck examinations in U.S. dental officesElectronic and paper Qx with dentists1126QxQxNo
33Risk for oral cancer/HPV studyProspective cohort study371025 patientsClinicalClinicalNo
35Predicting root canal treatment outcomesProspective cohort study1721883 patientsClinicalClinicalNo
36TMD treatment methodsProspective cohort study1981576 patientsClinicalClinicalNo
37Multi-risk assessment in the dental office3 parts planned, Qx, cohort, then telephone interviews with insurance executivesPlanned810 patients; 20 dental insurance executivesQx, ClinicalClinicalNo
38Prophylactic use of antibiotics in dental officeElectronic and paper Qx with dentists2500 (planned)QxQxNo
  • * Study number refers to order in which study was implemented.

  • Detailed study information can be accessed at

  • CONDOR, Collaboration on Networked Dental and Oral Health Research; DDS, Doctor of Dental Surgery; EDR, Electronic Dental Records; FU, Follow-up; HPV, Human Papilloma Virus; ONJ, Osteonecrosis of the Jaw; PBRNs, Practice Based Research Networks; Qx, Questionnaire; RCT, Root Canal Therapy; TMD, Temporomandibular Disorder; TMJD, Temporomandibular Joint Disorder.