Table 2.

Outcomes 6-Months Postintervention (Intention-to-Treat Analysis), Female Patients

Outcomes*No./Total No. (%)Absolute Difference, % (95% CI)P Value
Reminder Letter (n = 1896)Reminder Phone Call (n = 1837)
Patients who received at least one screening test for which they were due626/1896 (33.0)756/1837 (41.2)8.1 (5.1–11.2)<.001
Patients overdue for a Pap test who received a Pap test386/1321 (29.2)479/1267 (37.8)8.6 (5.0–12.2)<.01
Patients overdue for a mammogram who received a mammogram138/584 (23.6)164/591 (27.8)4.1 (−0.9 to 9.1).106
Patients overdue for CRC screening who received a CRC screen156/608 (25.7)186/620 (30.0)4.3 (−0.7 to 9.4).090
Patients overdue for CRC screening who receive an FOBT123/608 (20.2)163/620 (26.3)6.1 (1.4–10.8).012
Patients overdue for CRC screening who receive a colonoscopy41/608 (6.7)30/620 (4.8)−1.9 (−4.5 to 0.7).153
  • * Patients in the phone call arm who did not receive the intervention but were up to date with screening at the time of outcome ascertainment were only considered screened if they received the screening test within 6 months of the date that letters were sent.

  • χ2 test.

  • CI, confidence interval; CRC, colorectal cancer; FOBT, fecal occult blood test.