Table 1.

Coding Definitions of 5As to Quantify Primary Care Providers' Delivery of 5As as Documented on Electronic Health Record Progress Notes

CodeDefinitionsProgress Note Examples
AskAny statement mentioned about patient's use of tobacco or smoking status. Examples: diagnosis codes, smoking status updates, mentions of tobacco use.
  • Tobacco abuse

  • Still smoking 5 to 6 cigarettes per day

AdviseStatements advising patient to quit or to reduce.
  • Tobacco use: encouraged cessation

AccessStatements reflecting patient's readiness to quit; examples: patient's intent, motivation or effort at quitting.
  • Trying to cut down

  • Precontemplative, does not want to set date, will try to decrease number of cigarettes for next visit by 1/2.

AssistStatements addressing commitment to a method to achieve quitting (ordering, planning or provision of information relating to smoking cessation medications)
  • Plan quit date 3/8/15. 800-778-8440 call smoker's helpline Vietnamese. Use Nicotine 21 mg/24 hr daily × 6 weeks #42, then 14 mg/24 hr daily × 6 weeks, then 7 mg/24 hr daily × 6 weeks …

ArrangeStatements document specific plans for follow-up with a patient's effort to quit
  • Tobacco smoking cessation discussed … He is to schedule a follow-up visit 2 to 3 months