Table 3.

Feasibility and Acceptability Outcomes of Interactive Mobile Doctor Intervention (N = 47)*

Feasibility Measures
    Length of iMD administration (minutes)
        Mean (SD)12.9 (3.7)
        Range10 to 25
    Needed staff assistance during administration
        No assistance needed30 (63.8)
        Once17 (36.2)
        More than once0 (0.0)
    Completion of iMD prior to seeing PCP
        Yes45 (95.8)
        No2 (4.2)
Acceptability Measures
    Please tell us what you think of the length of the video intervention? Would you say the length was…
        Too long0 (0.0)
        Just right46 (97.9)
        Too short1 (2.1)
    What did you think of the messages from the videos? Were they…
        Too difficult to understand0 (0.0)
        Somewhat difficult to understand1 (2.1)
        Not too difficult to understand6 (12.8)
        Quite easy to understand40 (85.1)
    How helpful or not helpful do you think the video program was in your decision about quitting cigarettes?
        Not at all helpful1 (2.1)
        Somewhat helpful5 (10.6)
        Moderately helpful13 (27.7)
        Very helpful28 (59.6)
    In terms of enhancing the quality of the communications between you and your doctor in the clinic visit you just had, how helpful or not helpful do you think the video program was…
        Not at all helpful1 (2.1)
        Somewhat helpful5 (10.6)
        Moderately helpful6 (12.8)
        Very helpful35 (74.5)
  • iMD, Interactive Mobile Doctor; PCP, primary care provider; SD, standard deviation.

  • * Feasibility data were obtained by research staff's observation. Acceptability data were obtained by participants' self-report from an in-person assessment immediately after the primary care visit after the iMD administration.

  • Values are n (%) except where indicated.