Table 1.

Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) Procedure Summary

Lead in ExercisesFloor Exercises
DurationApproximately 30 minutesApproximately 15 minutes
PurposeFatigue and stretch muscle groups in a sequence to assist invoking tremorsCause adductor fatigue and invoke tremors
ExercisesIn standing:Isometric hip abductor exercises:
    1Ankle pronation/supination“Butterfly position”: Supine, feet together, hips held in abduction
    2Calf raisesAs fatigue or tremor begins, knees are sequentially moved closer together for 2 minute sustained holds while tremor continues
    3A quadriceps exerciseLegs parallel with feet flat on the floor
    4Hamstring stretch
    5A psoas exercise
    6Wall squats
Home exercise recommendationAt least once per weekAt least twice per week