Table 2.

Face-to-Face Time and Other Cycle Components Before (August-September 2016) and After (March-April 2017) Implementing Scribes in Primary Care*

Pre-scribe n = 92 Minutes:second (SD)Post-scribe n = 29 Minutes:second (SD)P value t test
Pre-visit2:09 (1:55)2:33 (2:36).44
Visit17:40 (6:44)19:46 (6:39).15
    Computer9:27 ( 4:16)6:53 (2:51)<.001
    Face-to-face8:13 (4:41)12:53 (5:28)<.001
Proportion of visit time spent face to face0.46 (0.16)0.64 (0.12)<.001
Post-visit5:27 (3:54)4:53 (2:49).47
Total provider cycle time25:16 (8:42)27:12 (9:20).31
  • * Other cycle complements include pre-visit, visit, computer, and post-visit time.

  • Pre-visit time = time spent reviewing the chart prior to entering the exam room; visit time = time the provider spent in the clinical exam room; face-to-face time = time the physician spent interacting with the patient or family member, without using or looking at the computer; computer time = difference between face-to-face time and visit time; post-visit time = time spent in the chart after leaving the exam room until the chart was closed; total provider cycle = sum of pre-visit, visit and post-visit time.

  • SD, standard deviation.