Table 3.

Common Behavioral Health Services Performed by Primary Care Team Members at Learning from Effective Ambulatory Practices, 2013

Elicit BH Concerns during Interactions with PatientsConduct BH ScreeningAdminister BH AssessmentsConnect Patients to BH Services Inside or Outside the ClinicCollaborate with Other Team Members on BH-Related Treatment PlanningPrescribe Psychiatric MedicationsConduct BH-Related Monitoring and Follow-upHelp Run Programs or Group Visits Related to BH or Chronic Pain
BH specialistXXXXX*XX
Layperson BH assistantXXXX
MA care coordinatorXXX
Front desk staffX
Health coachXX
PT/PT assistantX
  • * BH prescribers (e.g., psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners) prescribed psychiatric medications but other BH specialists (e.g., psychologists, masters-level therapists) did not.

  • BH, behavioral health; PCP, primary care provider; RN, registered nurse; MA, medical assistant; OT, occupational therapist; PT, physical therapist; PCP, primary care provider.

  • “X” denotes that the identified team members performed the identified services at multiple LEAP practices.