Table 1.

Professional Services Provided by Three Major US Family Medicine Journals*

  1. Provide free, worldwide access to all content immediately upon publication.

  2. Require no author fees, article preparation, or publication charges.

  3. Provide authors professional peer review and editorial services to help improve the presentation and dissemination of their scholarly work.

  4. Provide readers and the field quality control on the selection of material published.

  5. Index articles in MEDLINE, PubMed, and other major databases.

  6. Commit to transparent processes for submission, review, editorial decisions, and publication.

  7. Follow established principles of publication ethics.

  8. Require authors to follow principles of ethical research.

  9. Protect all published material with copyright.

  10. Permanently archive research reports for access and retrieval.

  • * Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, Family Medicine, and Annals of Family Medicine.