Table 4.

Feedback from Latino Advisory Board Members and Adaptations in Stage II

Original Group Lifestyle Balance SessionPretest Feedback2nd Round of Adaptations
Session 1: Welcome and getting started losing weight• Add an orientation session to the program and include family members so that they understand the intervention, its goals, and have simple tips for providing support to the participant.• Added an orientation session to accomplish the goals suggested by the patient advisors. The MyPlate graphic and concept is used to explain the intervention dietary goals to participants and their family members in the orientation session (Content).
• Introduce skills sooner to capitalize on motivation.
• Provided training on self-tracking diet and physical activity in session 1 (Content).
Session 2: Be a fat and calorie detective• Very dense and long, consider reducing and moving some information to other session.• Moved a detailed section on weighing and measuring to session 1 to provide participants with tracking skills early on (Content).
Session 3: Healthy eating• Introduce MyPlate earlier because it is important for calorie counting context and the visual is helpful for changing food choices.• Moved up the section on MyPlate to the orientation session (Content).
• The session is too long.
Session 4: Move those muscles• Positive feedback overall.• Moved discussion on pedometer from session 10 to this session (Content).
• Further emphasized the distinction between leisure-time and occupational physical activity as they relate to planned versus unplanned activity (Content).
Session 5: Tip the calorie balance• Positive feedback overall.• No changes.
Session 6: Take charge of what's around you• Positive feedback overall.• Invited family members to this session (Delivery).
• Included a potluck to create a sense of community with family members (Delivery).
Session 7: Problem solving• The inclusion of family members was very positive but wanted them to be included in the prior session.• Family members were added to session 6 (Delivery).
Session 8: Four keys to healthy eating out• Positive feedback overall.• Discussed strategies for social gatherings that are culturally congruent (Content).
Session 9: Slippery slope of lifestyle change• Positive feedback overall.• No changes.
Session 10: Jump start your activity plan• Introduce physical activity monitor earlier in session 1 because it allows participants to communicate via the smartphone application outside of the group sessions and it was helpful for tracking physical activity from the beginning.• Moved up the introduction of the pedometer to the first session (Content).
• Added a group walk to promote a sense of community (Content).
Session 11: Make social cues work for you• Positive feedback overall.• No changes.
Session 12: Ways to stay motivated• Positive feedback overall.• Invited family members to session as a celebration for graduation; this included a second potluck where participants are encouraged to bring a healthy dish (Delivery).