Table 1.

Patient Responses to Social Needs Survey (n = 123)

DomainDescriptor of Positive ScreenPercentage with Positive ScreenPercentage Asking for Help
Physical activityLess than 150 minutes of strenuous exercise per week53.01.6
DentalLast dental appointment ≥1 year ago25.21.6
Alcohol useAUDIT-C* score ≥3 in women or ≥4 in men14.60.8
Overall healthSelf-rated health as “fair” or “poor”13.00.0
Tobacco useCurrent use of cigarettes12.20.8
FinancesLack of medical insurance, concern for losing medical insurance, or problems paying for medications, clinic visits or supplies11.40.0
WorkCurrently unemployed, receiving disability, or other government assistance11.40.0
LearningProblems with understanding, remembering, seeing, hearing, and English literacy10.60.8
Mental healthPHQ-2 score ≥310.60.8
FoodInsufficient food and lack of money to buy more7.31.6
DrugsAny use of illicit drugs or prescription drugs for nonmedical purposes7.30.0
TransportationProblems with access to transportation4.90.8
HousingCurrently homeless or living in shelter; currently at risk of losing housing; or concern that will lose housing in next 6 months4.10.8
EducationDid not complete high school2.41.6
SafetyFeeling unsafe in neighborhood or concern that spouse/partner might hurt them2.42.4
Social connectionsLimited interaction with family, friends, and neighbors1.60.8
Overall with at least one domain86.23.3
Overall with at least one domain with physical activity excluded70.73.3
  • Note: see Appendix A for full social needs survey.

  • * AUDIT-C is a 3-item validated alcohol screening tool that helps identify persons with hazardous drinking or active alcohol use disorders.

  • options for health ranking including Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair and Poor.

  • PHQ-2, the Patient Health Questionnaire-2, is a validated depression screening tool, which inquires about frequency of depressed mood and anhedonia over the past 2 weeks.