Table 5.

Responses to Individual FS-ICU 24 Survey Items Regarding Aspects of Decision Making

Survey itemNumber of Responses (n)Proportion Reporting Complete Satisfaction (%)P
PCP InvolvementNo PCP InvolvementPCP InvolvementNo PCP Involvement
Frequency of communication by doctors5419858.552.0.44
Ease of getting information5420574.175.1.86
Understanding of information5419374.176.2.72
Honesty of information5419866.771.2.51
Completeness of information5320679.270.4.23
Consistency of information5420364.863.51.00
Inclusion in decision making5420775.961.4.06
Support during decision making5420750.050.71.00
Control over care5320773.655.6.02
Time to address questions and concerns5120292.293.6.76
  • The FS-ICU 24 has two sections, one regarding satisfaction with decision making and the other regarding satisfaction with general ICU care. The table shows the breakdown in responses for each question in the decision making subsection.

  • ICU, intensive care unit; FS-ICU 24, Family Satisfaction in the ICU 24-item survey; PCP, primary care physician.