Table 2.

Matrix Highlighting Correlations between PD Characteristics' and Their Attitudes

1Program Director Tenure6.055.731
2Age of Program32.3114.310.0951
4Moral Distress4.591.93−0.0520.101−0.155*1
5Belief in Worsening Disparity4.211.430.0160.022−0.2640.4021
6Intent to offer treatment to active substance users3.081.480.0680.148*−0.0940.1770.3091
7Intent to offer treatment regardless of past or current behaviors3.341.530.0180.08−0.2540.3370.4270.5311
8Belief that it is unethical for life saving medicine to be so expensive4.111.560.073−0.026−0.2760.4190.4770.2120.3741
9Belief in Treatment regardless of cost4.071.4−0.0420.134*−0.1740.3620.4130.4450.5560.280
  • N = 272.

  • * P ≤ .05.

  • P ≤ .01.

  • PD, program director; SD, standard deviation.