Table 1.

Description of Patient Characteristics Systematically Varied in Factorial Vignettes

Vignette FactorLevel 1 (Healthy)*Level 2 (Complex/Intermediate Health)*
Age/disease duration65 years old80 years old
Type 2 diabetes for 5 yearsType 2 diabetes for 15 years
Presence of cognitive impairmentNo informationSome recent memory loss on formal testing
She lives independently but depends on her eldest daughter to keep her medical appointments and pay her bills
She stopped driving, in part because she occasionally got lost
History of heart diseaseNo history of cardiovascular diseaseCoronary artery disease, for which she underwent a coronary artery bypass graft 5 years ago
  • * The American Diabetes Association recommends glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) targets <7.5% for older adults with few comorbid conditions and intact cognitive and physical functioning (healthy), and targets <8% for older adults with comorbid chronic diseases, impaired instrumental activities of daily living, or mild to moderate cognitive impairment (complex/intermediate).