Table 3.

FS-ICU 24 Scores of Survey Respondents

Families Reporting PCP Involvement in Decision MakingFamilies Reporting no PCP Involvement in Decision MakingP
Decision making81.0615.187.517.580.0712.7683.3317.5.16
subsection score
General ICU care90.2212.6894.6411.8188.3814.1592.8614.29.28
subsection score
Global score86.411.7691.4912.7784.9112.1788.112.75.16
  • The FS-ICU 24 has two sections, one regarding satisfaction with decision making, and the other regarding satisfaction with general ICU care.

  • Both subsections produce a composite subsection score graded from zero to 100, with the complete survey also producing a composite global score representing overall satisfaction. The P-values compare the mean scores for each subsection, as well as the composite score.

  • FS-ICU 24, Family Satisfaction in the ICU 24-item survey; ICU, intensive care unit; IQR, interquartile range; PCP, primary care physician; SD, standard deviation.