Table 3.

Sample Ambulatory Care Recovery Metrics, Calculated for the Illustrative Example for the Affected Veterans Affairs Medical Center Location

Business Days to Completed Appointment If Cancelled by the Clinic (median)Recovery*Change in Days to Completed Appointments (%)
Weeks −12 to −3 (1)Weeks −2 to 1 (2)Weeks 2–6 (3)Weeks 7–12 (4)(2) vs (1)(3) vs (1)(4) vs (1)(2) vs (1)(3) vs (1)(4) vs (1)
Primary care45353738−10−8−7−22−18−16
Mental health2330252772430917
Non-MD providers36313734−51−2−143−6
Specialty care38374742−194-32411
  • * Difference in median business days to completed appointments (vs time frame before the disaster).

  • Versus the time frame before the disaster.