Table 1.

Primary Care Tasks and Task Groupings

TaskTask Groupings
Gathering patient preventive services history (eg, immunization history)In-person data collection
Screening patients for diseases (eg, doing a depression screen)
Assessing patient lifestyle factors (eg, diet, smoking cessation)
Receiving messages from patients (other than requests for prescriptions)Messaging
Resolving messages from patients (other than requests for prescriptions)
Responding to prescription refill requests
Encouraging lifestyle modifications (eg, diet, smoking cessation)Counseling/education
Educating patients about disease-specific self-care activities (eg, foot care in diabetes)
Educating patients about medications
Evaluating patients and making treatment decisionsDecision making
Completing forms for patients (eg, disability documentation)
Responding to requests for home health care orders
Responding to patient diagnostic and treatment data (eg, laboratory tests, radiology studies)Tracking data
Following up on referrals (eg, to specialists)