Table 2.

Demographic Characteristics among Those with Scheduled Veterans Affairs Appointments around a Natural Disaster (Weeks −12 to 12, with Storm Landfall during Week 0)

Unaffected Areas (n = 197,724)Affected Areas (n = 56,790)Statistically Significant*
Age (years), week 0Yes
    African American12.619.7
Service connectionYes
Dual Medicaid0.10.1No
Dual Medicare49.542.4Yes
Missed appointment in past 12 months33.943.8Yes
Veterans Affairs inpatient stay in past 12 months9.711.2Yes
  • Data are percentages. For this analysis, affected areas included 1 Veterans Affairs medical center (VAMC) plus 4 distinct outpatient clinic locations, whereas unaffected areas included 9 VAMCs and 32 distinct outpatient clinic locations.

  • * P < .001, χ2 or 2-sided t test.