Table 4.

Association of Composite Task Delegation/Reliance and Composite Task Discordance, Along with Staffing, Turnover, Huddle Time, Patient Aligned Care Team Coach, and Length of Veterans Affairs Employment, with Workplace Burnout

PCP BurnoutNurse Burnout
OR95% CIOR95% CI
Composite task delegation/reliance (15 tasks)0.680.49–0.931.661.13–2.45
    Appropriate staffing0.680.46–0.990.680.46–1.00
    Staff turnover1.741.20–2.521.420.98–2.07
    Minutes in huddle0.980.96––1.02
    Presence of PACT coach0.680.47–0.980.830.57–1.19
    Years at VA1.051.02––1.03
Composite task discordance (15 tasks)1.811.14–2.881.260.84–1.91
    Appropriate staffing0.680.46–0.990.650.44–0.95
    Huddle time0.980.96–0.991.000.99–1.02
    PACT coach present0.680.47–0.980.830.58–1.19
    Years at VA1.051.02––1.03
  • CI, confidence interval; OR, odds ratio; PACT, patient aligned care team; PCP, primary care provider; VA, Veterans Affairs.