Table 1.

Patient Characteristics by Clinic PC-MHI Engagement in Baseline Year

Percent of Patients
Low PC-MHI Engagement Clinics (n = 24,120)High PC-MHI Engagement Clinics (n = 41,962)
Age group (years)
    45 to 5417%15%
    55 to 6436%38%
    65 to 7416%17%
    75 to 8410%12%
Marital Status
    Single/never married17%20%
VA eligibility category
    Below means test/not service connected33%39%
    Service connected51%43%
    Above means test/copay11%13%
Service connected percent
    1 to 5023%20%
    51 to 10025%20%
    No insurance51%65%
    Private insurance22%13%
Charlson Comorbidity Index
Mental health diagnoses*
    Anxiety and other disorders34%37%
    Alcohol use disorder13%11%
    Substance use disorder7%9%
    Bipolar disorder5%5%
Mean (SD)
Distance from home to clinic12.5 (12.2)13.4 (13.2)
  • All results had χ2 or t-test P < .05, unless otherwise indicated (n = 66,078).

  • * Total sum exceeds 100% as patients may have multiple mental health diagnoses.

  • P-value was not significant at 95% level.

  • PC-MHI, Primary Care–Mental Health Integration; PTSD, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder; VA, Veterans Affairs.