Table 1.

Codebook Developed for Qualitative Data Analysis

Teamwork/partnershipPhysician refers to impact of teamwork or partnership, including (but not limited to) team-based care and joy of teaching; excludes specific comments about quality of life
Quality of lifePhysician makes direct or indirect comments related to quality of life; excludes comments related to teamwork/partnership
Charting efficiencyPhysician makes direct or indirect comments about time spent on charting
Clinic operationsPhysician refers to impact of clinic operations, including (but not limited to) late patients, no-shows, inefficient scheduling, and patient refusing scribe or student participation
EHRPhysician comments about the EHR (EPIC)
Non-patient-facing workPhysician refers to impact on work done outside the exam room, including (but not limited to) reviewing laboratory test results/radiology and responding to messages/calls; excludes comments related to charting efficiency
Connection with patientPhysician refers to impact on patient communication and connection, including (but not limited to) eye contact, patient centeredness, attention to body language, and rapport; excludes comments related to patient satisfaction
Extension of scribe rolePhysician refers to expanded role of scribes, including (but not limited to) assisting with procedures, completing paperwork/forms, writing letters for school/work, discussing health maintenance, and engaging in health coaching
Patient satisfactionPhysician makes direct or indirect comments related to patient satisfaction; excludes specific comments related to connecting with patients
Charting stylePhysician makes direct or indirect comments about charting style
Charting quality/accuracyPhysician makes direct or indirect comments related to the quality or accuracy of charting
  • EHR, electronic health record; EPIC, Epic Systems Corp., Verona, WI.