Table 1.

Baseline Characteristics of Family Medicine PDs (Responses by US Region*, Collected between February 2015 and March 2015)

CharacteristicOverall (N = 273)Northeast (N = 52)Midwest (N = 58)South (N = 96)West (N = 67)
Residency Program Context
    Size of community (population)
        <150,000 (n)12339254415
        150,000–500,000 (n)647172020
        >500,000 (n)866163232
    Proportion of community-based programs (%)7884737782
    Average age of program (years)32.735.233.933.828.2
    Proportion of programs with > 25% graduates from non-US medical school (%)4863465528
Residency PD characteristics
    Male (%)6461716460
    Tenure (years)6.37.466.16
PD attitudes toward statements pertaining to HCV treatment-related ethical issues (Agree responses, %)
    “Treatment should be an option for all patients with HCV regardless of cost”7065746972
    “State Medicaid programs' decision to limit access to HCV treatment will worsen racial and ethnic disparities in health care”7063727469
    “It is unethical to deny access to treatment based on the patient's past or current behavior”4744505239
    “It is unethical that a potentially lifesaving medicine is so highly priced”6952797069
    “Patients with active substance abuse should be offered HCV treatment”3842384228
    “Benefit outweighs cost only for patients with advanced liver disease”3538264230
Moral distress (To what extent do you experience moral distress when you are unable to offer hepatitis C treatment to patients due to them not meeting current eligibility criteria?)
    Moral distress (high level)6160605769