Table 4.

PST for Treating Primary Care Patients' Depression and/or Anxiety; Results of the Cochrane Collaboration's Tool for Assessing Risk of Bias*

Study/YearRandom Sequence GenerationAllocation ConcealmentBlinding of Participants and PersonnelBlinding of Outcome AssessmentIncomplete Outcome DataSelective ReportingOther Source of Bias
Barrett et al. (2001)++???++
Chibanda et al. (2014)+????+?
Katon et al. (2004)+++?+
Lam et al. (2009)+++??++
Lynch et al. (2004)???????
McCusker et al. (2008)++???++
Mynors-Wallis et al. (2000)++????
Oxman et al. (2008)+???+?
Reynolds et al. (2014)+++++++
Schmaling et al. (2002)+???+
Williams et al. (2000)++????+
Number of “+”s9732176
  • * “+” = criteria were met in primary studies, thus no bias present; “?” = unclear whether or not criteria met from reading of primary studies; and “−” = criteria were not met in primary studies, thus bias present.