Table 4.

Summary of Resiliency Findings for Veterans Affairs Clinics Affected by the Natural Disaster (Week 0)

Difference in Completed Appointments vs Prior Week (%)
−5 (vs −6)−4 (vs −5)−3 (vs −2)−2 (vs −1)−1 (vs −2)0* (vs −1)1 (vs 0)2 (vs 1)3 (vs 2)4 (vs 3)5 (vs 4)
Unaffected areas01−156−210102
All affected areas8−3377172551−12
Clinic B50221−43750164−42
Clinic C−2−1322172627383−4
Clinic D191113−528323618−111
Clinic E1224937384−169
  • The table includes differences in the percentage of completed appointments compared with the prior week for all appointment types in the analytic sample (primary care, specialty care, mental health, telehealth, and other health professions). Italics indicates a decrease by >5%; underlining indicates an increase of >5%; boldface indicates a change (positive or negative) of >10% from the prior week.

  • * Landfall.

  • VAMC, Veterans Affairs medical center.