Table 2.

Clinic Characteristics by Clinic PC-MHI Engagement in Baseline Year

Clinic-Level CharacteristicsPercent of Clinics
Low PC-MHI Engagement (n = 15)High PC-MHI Engagement (n = 14)
Clinic type
    VA hospital based7%21%
    Community based93%79%
Clinic rurality
Clinic size
    Less than 5000 patients87%64%
    5000 to 9999 patients13%14%
    10,000 or more patients0%21%
Mean (SD)
Distance from clinic to VA medical center44.5 (52.2)36.9 (41.7)
  • All results had χ2 or t-test P < .05, unless otherwise indicated (n = 29).

  • * Based on Patient Aligned Care Team having implemented EBQI-PACT by the end of the study period.

  • P-value was not significant at 95% level.

  • EBQI-PACT, evidence-based quality improvement intervention to facilitate PACT adoption; PC-MHI, Primary Care–Mental Health Integration; SD, Standard Devation; VA, Veterans Affairs.