Table 2.

Primary Care Adult Patients Who Attended Pilot Sites and Were Screened for Past-Year Cannabis Use (n = 22,095)

Age categories (years)
    18 to 29222810.1
    30 to 49519423.5
    50 to 64677430.7
    Tobacco use*21339.7
Diagnoses in prior year*
    Major depression332315.0
    Anxiety disorder299413.6
    Serious mental illness7043.2
    Alcohol use disorder3961.8
    Cannabis use disorder1090.5
    Other drug use disorder2000.9
Behavioral health screens
    Depression (PHQ-2)**358216.3
    Unhealthy alcohol use**586326.6
    Any illicit drug use/Rx drug misuse**3631.7
  • * Assessed in the year prior to clinic visit.

  • Includes diagnoses for bipolar disorder, psychosis, and schizophrenia.

  • ** Total N varies due to some patients not completing items of Behavioral Health screen: PHQ-2 (n = 22,081), AUDIT-C (n = 22,034), drug screen (n = 21,945).

  • PHQ-2, Patient Health Questionnaire; AUDIT, Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test–Consumption.