Table 3.

Most Common Issues Addressed by the Family Physician

Issues AddressedVisits (%)IAs (%)
Essential hypertension21.86.0
Diabetes mellitus21.25.8
Encounters for administrative purposes15.74.3
Disorders of lipid metabolism9.12.5
Anxiety, dissociative, and somatoform disorders6.71.8
Allergic rhinitis6.61.8
Osteoarthrosis and allied disorders6.61.8
Follow-up examination6.41.8
Depressive disorder6.31.7
Health supervision of infant or child5.51.5
Other and unspecified disorders of the back5.11.4
Symptoms involving respiratory system and other chest symptoms5.11.4
Problems related to lifestyle5.01.4
Diseases of esophagus4.91.3
Acquired hypothyroidism4.61.3
Other and unspecified disorders of joint4.41.2
General medical examination (usually well woman)4.11.1
Other symptoms involving abdomen3.61.0
Nonspecific findings on examination of blood3.61.0
Normal pregnancy3.61.0
Other disorders of soft tissues3.30.9
Other symptoms involving nervous and musculoskeletal systems3.30.9
Special investigations and exams3.30.9
Other disorders of urethra and urinary tract3.20.9
Symptoms concerning nutrition metabolism and development3.20.9
  • IA, issue addressed.