Table 3.

Multivariable Regression: Factors Associated with Physicians' Numbers of Prescriptions and Potentially Inappropriate Medication Orders

VariablesPrescriptionsPIM Orders
Lack of benefit/risk information about deprescribing*−0.40 (0.16)−0.06 (0.03)
Number of medications*−0.67 (0.24)−0.07 (0.04)
Proportion of minority patients−3.72 (0.81)−0.34 (0.14)
Proportion of patients aged ≥75−2.92 (1.13)−0.45 (0.20)
Use of the Beers List−0.17 (0.08)
Intercept16.31 (1.32)1.40 (0.24)
Adjusted R2 (AIC)0.3939 (228)0.2062 (12.4)
  • Data are β (standard error). All variables included in the fitted models are reported in this table.

  • * The importance of triggers/barriers were assessed using 5-point Likert scales ranging from 1(Not important) to 5(very important).

  • P < .05.

  • Reference group includes those physicians who did not use the Beers List.

  • AIC, Akaike information criterion; PIM, potentially inappropriate medication.