Table 4.

Sufficiency Consistency and Coverage, including the Condition of QI Mindset

Configurations Leading to Successful Registry ImplementationConsistencyRaw CoverageUnique CoverageObservations with Strong Membership in this Configuration
  • This sufficiency analysis identifies three overlapping combinations of conditions that produced successful registry implementations. These solutions indicate that sufficient resources and strong leadership always accompanied successful registry implementations. Within large health care systems, success resulted when these conditions were combined with either a keyperson or a strong QI mindset. Alternatively, the combination of sufficient resources and strong leadership with both a key person and a strong QI mindset was sufficient for a successful outcome, regardless of the size of the healthcare system. The high consistency and coverage scores reported in the final row indicate that practices exhibiting one of these three combinations of conditions were almost always successful in implementing a healthcare registry and, furthermore, that almost all instances of successful registry implementation exhibited one of these three combinations of conditions.