Table 6.

Time and Associated Costs Related to Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition and Renewal for a Hypothetical 5-Physician Practice within HealthTexas (Based on Survey Data Collected January to February 2016)

Mean Hourly Wage ($)*NInitial RecognitionRenewal
Time Spent (hours)Associated Cost ($)Time Spent (hours)Associated Cost ($)
Practice administrator48.54123.023.01,1171,11711.011.0534534
Office manager30.81148.048.01,4791,47922.022.0678678
Medical assistant18.247.517.5131.33192,3948.060.01461,094
Total costs239.810,669110.54,957
  • * The mean hourly wage included a fringe rate, to account for employee benefits, and was based on 2012 levels, as that was the year with the greatest patient-centered medical home transformation activity.

  • Estimated based on the medians reported in Table 5.