Table 5.

Total Time Reported and Associated Costs for Activities in Which Respondents Were Involved While Their Practice Was Obtaining and Renewing National Committee for Quality Assurance Recognition as a Patient-Centered Medical Home, by Job Role (Survey Conducted January to February 2016)*

Mean Hourly Wage ($)Initial RecognitionRenewal
NTime Spent (Hours)Associated Cost ($)NTime Spent (hours)Associated Cost ($)
Physician151.4887.5 (4.5–18.0)$1136 ($682–2727)83.5 (2.0–27.5)$530 ($303–4136)
Practice administrator48.541123.0 (18.0–33.0)$1117 ($874–1602)1111.0 (50–24.0)$534 ($243–1165)
Office manager30.81948.0 (29.0–96.0)$1,479 ($893–2957)1122 (15.0–35.0)$678 ($462–1078)
Other personnel
    Clinical coordinator/ supervisor41.471120 (n/a)$4,976 (n/a)1110.0 (n/a)$4561 (n/a)
    Medical assistant18.24417.5 (5.5–28.0)$319 ($100–511)28.0 (n/a)$146 (n/a)
    Physician office representative16.8110 (n/a)$0 (n/a)112.0 (n/a)$202 (n/a)
    Social worker35.82110.0 (n/a)$358 (n/a)115.0 (n/a)$537 (n/a)
  • Data are median (interquartile range) unless otherwise indicated. The interquartile range was not reported when <4 responses were received (“n/a”).

  • * Three survey responses received from 2 senior health centers were not included because these practices did not use the electronic medical record.

  • The mean hourly wage included a fringe rate to account for employee benefits and was based on 2012 levels, because that was the year with the greatest patient-centered medical home transformation activity.