Table 2.

Experience with Respiratory Tract Infections, Preference for and Knowledge about Antibiotics, and Willingness to Have Blood Tests

No. of doctor visits for a cough/cold in past 12 months (N = 706)
    0467 (66.1)
    1103 (14.6)
    ≥2136 (19.3)
No. of times antibiotics were given for cough/cold during doctor visit (N = 231)
    087 (36.0)
    186 (35.5)
    ≥269 (28.5)
Preferences for antibiotics (N = 692)
    I prefer to take antibiotics for a cough or cold, even if my doctor thinks antibiotics may not help me.88 (12.7)
    I prefer to avoid taking antibiotics, but I will take antibiotics if my doctor thinks they will help my cough or cold.604 (87.3)
Knowledge of antibiotics (N = 708)*
    Viruses68 (9.6)
    Bacteria268 (37.9)
    Viruses and bacteria178 (25.1)
    Don't know194 (27.4)
Willingness to undergo arm blood draw (N = 700)
    Unwilling153 (21.9)
    Neutral105 (15.0)
    Willing442 (63.1)
Willingness to undergo fingerstick test (N = 677)
    Unwilling102 (15.1)
    Neutral40 (5.9)
    Willing535 (79.0)
  • Data are n (%).

  • * Antibiotic knowledge was measured by a subject's response to the question, “I understand that antibiotics are best for treating coughs and colds that are caused by (viruses, bacteria, viruses/bacteria, don't know).”

  • Correct answer.

  • Responses from 60 subjects who did not answer the question about willingness to have a fingerstick test are included in the overall results but not in the analyses of associations with this outcome.