Table 3.

Participant Agreement with Statements about the FIT Kits on the Study Questionnaires

OC-Light®, % (N = 12)Hemosure® iFOB Test, % (N = 13)InSure® FIT™, % (N = 14)QuickVue®, % (N = 12)OneStep+, % (N = 11)Hemoccult® ICT, % (N = 11)
% Responses Agree/Strongly Agree
    After reading the directions, I felt sure I knew how to use the kit correctly.836279757345
    The kit package was easy to open.10092100100100100
    The collection tool (tube, brush or stick) was easy for me to use.10010093759164
    Collecting the sample was quick.928586839160
    I feel confident I did everything correctly.837786758264
    Most people I know would be willing to complete a kit like this.835067555027
    Using this kit was no big deal.837577588236
% Responses Disagree/Strongly Disagree
    I had problems collecting the stool sample.828579837360
    Collecting the sample was disgusting.554646501836
    [It was] embarrassing to store the sample.N/AN/A55N/A5025