Supplementary Table 1.

Variation in Sub-Domain Screening Across Participating Health Centers

Culture (n = 9)Demographics (n = 23)Economic Indicators (n = 21)Employment (n = 23)Education (n = 21)Family/Living Arrangements (n = 23)Functional Status (n = 8)Health-Related Behaviors (n = 17)
General Code*67Gender Sex100General Code14General Code91General Code19General Code9General Code50General Code26
Religion89Place of Birth22Income100Unemployment87Educational Attainment100Marital Status52ADL/IADL75Alcohol70
Sexual Orientation13Assets5Under-employment4Basic Literacy24Dependents17Frailty63Drug Use70
Race, Ethnicity100Assistance Programs29OSHA22Health Literacy24Children30Tobacco65
Indebtedness10Migrant/Seasonal or Farm Worker78Numeracy5Elders4Secondhand Smoke26
Who Lives in the Home100Caffeine48
Disability83Physical Activity57
Mobility Status4Sexual Activity43
Retirement Status87Diet52
Student91Safety General22
Unpaid Caretaker74Bike Helmet Use26
Active military78Baby Proofing4
Seat Belt Use43
Smoke Detectors30
Guns in the House30
Driving Safety, other26
Health Care Access (n = 22)Language (n = 22)Material Hardship (n = 21)Mental Health (n = 23)Social Support/Isolation (n = 21)Trauma, Violence (n = 21)Veteran Status (n = 22)
General Code22General Code9General Code74General Code30General Code95General Code19General Code100
Insurance Status96Primary Language96Food Insecurity78Mental Health Screening43Community Activities24Intimate Partner Violence90Military Trauma History5
Affordability78English Proficiency26Housing Insecurity96Depression70Safe Environment95
Usual Source of Care74Interpreter26Utilities78Anxiety43Environmental Exposures14Trauma14
Other Language Proficiency17Transportation78PTSD§4Personal Safety24Physical Abuse33
Medication Affordability78ADD, ADHD13Bullying24Sexual Abuse33
Access to Technology74Suicide35Public Space5Mental Abuse38
Child Care74Stress78Racism5Child Abuse19
Clothing78Sleep Behaviors30Discrimination5
Legal Services78Distrust5
School Culture10
  • * General Code refers to screening question that was considered a general question under the Core Domain.

  • Occupational Health & Safety.

  • Activities of Daily Living, Instrumental Activities of Daily Living.

  • § Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

  • Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder.

  • Note: All numbers provided are percentage of total (n) of HCs that screened for each core domain. Documents could receive multiple codes and therefore percentages do not sum to 100%.