Table 2.

Patient Interview Results

Percentage (N = 8)Quotation Examples
Remembered receiving the text message100.0
Experience of text message
    Positive87.5“Yes. I think it's a good idea, people make appointments and it helps to recall when to do.”
“… it was positive and convenient.”
“… I liked it. Text is an easy way to communicate and can also be automated.”
“Overall once you get the kinks out this could be great.”
    Did not understand text message12.5“When I got the message I had no idea what was going on. It appeared on my screen and then disappeared. I didn't know how to go back in and retrieve it … thought it might have been for something else.”
Received LDL testing during study
    Yes37.5“… responded to the first one saying that I would come in but forgot, so the follow-up reminder was a good thing.”
    No62.5“I didn't respond because I also have a doc in Missoula and I will just call and come in when I can. It would be helpful if there are extenuating circumstances, like mine, to include a phone number.”
“I already had a cholesterol test. I thought they were the same test because the instructions said no fasting, so I didn't think I needed to get that.”
    Concerned about privacy of health information in text messages
    Yes75.0“It depends on what the information is.”
“A cholesterol test <reminder> is not confidential, but confidential information should not be texted.”
“Very concerned. Same with health records going online, knowing that everything is out there.”
    No12.5“Not that concerned.”
    Don't know12.5“Not being a real techie I don't really know about text messages and their ability to be intercepted.”
    Preferred communication method for health reminders
    Texting only25.0“Email <I> would treat like spam. Postal mail <I> don't look at. For right now text messages are the most notable.”
“Text <is> most readily identifiable. Get it right away. Emails will go days without getting answered.”
    Text and other25.0“Anything that involves less paper and envelopes.”
    Other method preferred50.0“… text could interrupt what I am doing. So I would say email.”
“I like postal. Text stays out there forever, <postal mail> is private.”