Table 4.

Characteristics of Telehealth Users in 2014 (n = 225) among Family Physicians Responding to the January 2015 Robert Graham Center Survey*

Characteristics of Telehealth Use
Frequency (times per year)
    Missing data34(14.2)
    Real-time video112(48.7)
    Shared computer screen images with audio20(10.8)
    Stored or forwarded image or text transmission60(30.7)
    Missing data39(16.7)
Clinical purpose
    Diagnosis or treatment122(55.2)
    Second opinion45(19.9)
    Chronic disease management54(25.7)
    Emergency care42(16.1)
    Administrative purpose11(5.7)
    Missing data28(12.3)
Types of physicians or clinicians referred
    Other family physicians12(6.0)
    General internal medicine physicians10(5.7)
    Mental health treatment providers70(28.0)
    Physical therapists12(6.4)
    Missing data39(17.3)
  • Data are n (%). Weighted percentages may not add up to 100 because of rounding and non–mutually exclusive categories.

  • * Respondents were from among a random sample of 5000 family physicians in direct patient care from the 2014 American Medical Association Physician Masterfile, with oversampling of rural family physicians at a rate of 2 to 1.