Table 4.

Study Evaluation by Health Care Providers at the Practice (n = 11) after the My Health Coach Study Was Completed

QuestionProviders Who Agree or Mostly Agree (n)*
Recruiting for the study was easy.9
The study impeded patient flow.1
It took too much time to explain the study to patients.0
It was hard to remember to mention the study to patients.5
Patients thought it was helpful to have the study available.8
I would feel comfortable supervising an MA health coach.7
Health coaching should be done by other staff, not MAs.2
I liked having health coaching available for our patients who need it.10
  • * The survey questions were answered on a 5-point Likert-type scale, with responses of do not agree, mostly disagree, neutral, mostly agree, or agree.

  • One provider left this item blank; the rest were either neutral (n = 4) or disagreed/mostly disagreed.

  • One provider was neutral about this item; the rest agreed or mostly agreed.

  • MA, medical assistant.