Table 1.

Patient Descriptive Characteristics Overall and by Low Adherence to Medicines

Patients (n = 343)
n%Low Adherence (%)*P Value
Age, years
    Black/African American18453.643.2.35
    Mixed race257.363.2
    Refused to answer113.237.5
Level of education
    Some high school10330.041.4.08
    High school diploma10229.742.3
    Some college7822.754.4
    College diploma4011.764.7
    Graduate school diploma133.828.6
Annual household income ($)
    Refused to answer4613.431.3
Chronic illness
    High blood pressure16748.747.0.99
    Type 2 diabetes7321.343.1.47
    Heart disease4613.452.4.44
    ≥3 chronic diseases7722.544.4.62
Prescribed medicines taken regularly, n
Composite barrier
Composite belief
    More positive11748.132.7<.01
    More negative12651.968.4
  • * A total of 46.9% of patients reported low adherence.

  • Compared with patients who did not report that chronic disease.