Table 3.

Effect of Unadjusted Variables on Prostate Cancer Knowledge Score

VariableUnadjusted Estimate95% CIP Value*
Age−0.49−1.19 to 0.22.17
Race (reference: white)−1.47−2.13 to −0.82<.001
Gleason score−0.38−0.89 to 0.13.14
PSA level−0.38−0.75 to −0.01.046
Insurance (reference: private)−2.29−3.04 to −1.53<.001
Treatment (reference: surgery).06
        AS/WW−0.73−1.98 to 0.52.25
        Radiation−0.61−1.41 to 0.18.13
        Other−1.61−2.90 to −0.32.01
Information sources, n0.270.13–0.40<.001
  • Bold values in table indicate the difference was “statistically significant”.

  • * Linear regression analysis.

  • AS, active surveillance; CI, confidence interval; PSA, prostate-specific antigen; WW, watchful waiting.