Table 1.

Characteristics of Subjects (N = 3395) by Continuity of Care Index Group

CharacteristicsSubjectsLevel of COCI (%)P Value*
<0.47 (n = 826)0.47–0.99 (n = 906)1 (n = 1663)
Patient characteristics at baseline
    Age, years (mean ± SD)74.0 (6.2)73.7 (6.2)74.0 (6.0)74.2 (6.2).155
    Insurance premium (US$).147
    P4P participating status.867
        Not a participant89.790.189.389.7
Medical conditions
    In a preceding year
    In the COC period
        Ambulatory visits for asthma, n<.001
        Hospitalization for asthma<.001
        ED visits for asthma<.001
    Healthcare outcome
        ED visits for asthma<.001
  • Data are percentages unless otherwise indicate.

  • * χ2 test for difference in the level of Continuity of Care Index (COCI).

  • CCI, Charlson comorbidity index; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; ED, emergency department; P4P, pay for performance; SD, standard deviation.