Table 2.

Factors Associated With Telehealth Use in 2014 for Family Physicians Responding to the January 2015 Robert Graham Center Survey*

VariableOdds RatioConfidence Interval
Type of medical degree
Location of medical school
    United StatesReference
Practice location
Years in practice
Electronic health record use
    Currently a user3.421.22–9.65
    Not currently a userReference
Type of care provided
    Hospital/urgent/emergency care or other careReference
    General primary care0.510.33–0.80
Family physicians at the practice site
Practice ownership
    Hospital health system1.260.81–1.95
    Integrated health system3.531.79–6.98
  • * Respondents were from among a random sample of 5000 family physicians in direct patient care from the 2014 American Medical Association Physician Masterfile, with oversampling of rural family physicians at a rate of 2 to 1. There are 1508 observations.