Table 6.

Study Evaluation by 34 Subjects Who Completed 12 Weeks of Health Coaching

QuestionSubjects Who Agree or Mostly Agree (n)*
I like the changes in my life from having a health coach.31
I made more changes with the health coach versus what I could have done on my own.29
Health coaching was a bother.1
Health coaching took too much time.0
I wanted more time with the health coach.12
I liked the regular contacts with the health coach.32
I used self-monitoring of diet.27
I used self-monitoring of physical activity.29
I intend to keep doing what the coach helped me change.32
I would recommend health coaching to my friends and family.31
I think health coaching should be part of every family medicine doctor's office.31
I intend to continue with health coaching.21
  • * The survey questions were answered using a 5-point Likert-type scale, with responses of do not agree, mostly disagree, neutral, mostly agree, or agree.