Table 2.

Unadjusted Relationships between Identified Barriers and Negative Beliefs and Low Adherence to Medicines (n = 343)

n%Low Adherence (%)
    No refills7221.058.6*
    Pharmacy did not have medicine6418.757.7
    Forgot to get prescription filled5014.682.5*
    Side effects329.387.0*
Negative beliefs
    I sometimes worry about becoming too dependent on my medicines.12937.661.2*
    Without medicines I would be very sick.11734.151.6
    Having to take my medicine worries me.8825.770.6*
    My current health depends on my medicines.8023.362.7*
    My medicines disrupt my life.6619.269.8*
    Doctors do not understand my background so how can they order my medicines?6017.581.1*
    I often stop taking medicine prescribed by my doctor when I take traditional medicine.247.078.6*
  • * P < .05.

  • Reversed for negative belief.