Table 3.

Adjusted Risk Models Predicting Low Adherence to Medicines

Model 1 (Includes Barriers Only)Model 2 (Includes Beliefs Only)Model 3 (Includes Both Barriers and Beliefs)
Any barrier0.53 (0.33–0.87)NA0.68 (0.39–1.19)
Higher negative beliefsNA0.47 (0.27–0.80)0.51 (0.29–0.88)
  • Data are relative risk (95% confidence interval). Models 1 and 2 look at the 2 independent variables alone (ignoring the other). Model 3 adjusts the risk of barriers given beliefs and vice versa. All 3 models are adjusted for race (white), education, income, number of medicines, and disease burden.

  • NA, not applicable.