Table 4.

Effect of Adjusted Variables on Prostate Cancer Knowledge Score*

VariableAdjusted Estimate*95% CIP Value
Age−0.32−0.98 to 0.34.34
Race (reference: white)−0.75−1.42 to −0.08.03
PSA Level−0.16−0.51 to 0.19.37
Treatment (reference: surgery).42
        AS/WW−0.48−1.63 to 0.68.41
        Radiation−0.45−1.17 to 0.28.23
        Other−0.70−1.91 to 0.52.26
Information sources, n0.200.07–0.34.003
  • Bold values in table indicate the difference was “statistically significant”.

  • * Adjusted for race, marriage, education, age, prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level, and treatment choice.

  • Linear regression analysis.

  • AS, active surveillance; CI, confidence interval; WW, watchful waiting.