Table 1.

Practice Characteristics and Description of Integrated Care Approach Implemented at Each Advancing Care Together Practice

Practice IDPractice TypeSettingOwnershipIntegrated Care Approach
1Primary careSuburbanClinician
  • ∙ Primary care practice partnered with a CMHC to hire a BHC and also expanded health-coaching services

  • ∙ Systematically screened patients in the waiting room for medical and behavioral conditions

  • ∙ Provided brief and intensive BH counseling and health coaching in the practice

2Primary careSuburbanClinician
  • ∙ Primary care practice affiliated with multiple primary care practices in the region; the BHC hired to serve patients across these practices is colocated in some practices but not others.

  • ∙ Front desk staff systematically screened patients using a Web-enabled tablet to identify BH needs.

  • ∙ BHC provided traditional therapy. Patients in need of more intensive mental health and substance use services were referred out.

3CMHCRuralPrivate, not for profit
  • ∙ Primary care team (PCP/MA team) and a BHC were embedded in this CMHC to provide primary care and BH services to all patients.

  • ∙ Systematically screened patients in the waiting room for medical and BH conditions.

  • ∙ Provided brief and intensive BH counseling and primary care in the practice.

4Primary careUrbanClinician
  • ∙ Private primary care practice expanded their partnership with a private mental health agency to provide integrated care.

  • ∙ Screened patients with diabetes and hypertension for depression.

  • ∙ BHCs provided brief counseling and referred patients to a partnering mental health agency for intensive counseling.

5CMHCSuburbanPrivate, not for profit
  • ∙ CMHC hired PA and MA team to serve its patients and to expand its services to a non-SPMI population.

  • ∙ Systematically screened patients to identify physical and BH needs among those without a PCP.

  • ∙ The PA, health navigator, or health coach treats patients who are identified with mild to moderate BH needs and who are seeing the primary care team, whereas therapists in the clinic treat patients with SPMI and substance use needs.

  • BH, behavioral health; BHC, behavioral health clinician; CMHC, community mental health center; MA, medical assistant; PA, physician assistant; PCP, primary care physician; SPMI, serious and persistent mental illness.