Table 1.

Variables Tested for Association with Congruence Between Physician and Patient Ratings, Reasons, and Improvements

Patient surveyDemographics (age, sex, race, ethnicity, marital status)
Educational attainment
Average weekly exercise (<3 vs ≥3 days)
Average daily fruits/vegetables (<5 vs ≥5 servings)
Risky alcohol use (5 drinks at 1 time for men or 4 drinks at 1 time for women at least once in the past month)
Current smoker
Household income
Medical record review and abstractionBody mass index
Seen today's provider previously
Number of visits to the office in the past 12 months
Type of insurance (private vs Medicare vs Medicaid/self-pay)
Comorbidity indicesHealth-Related Quality of Life comorbidity index
Rx-Risk-V medication risk index