Table 2.

Item-Level and Composite Measures of Model Acceptance by Staff and Physicians in MiPCT Practices

Staff (n = 699)Physicians (n = 284)
Single item*
    The CM is an important member of our team.4.070.884.130.98
    The CM improved our ability to meet patient needs.4.080.874.140.95
    There is good CM-staff communication.3.880.934.040.97
    MiPCT has been a positive experience.3.970.854.050.89
    I have complete trust in CMs.4.470.76
    I refer eligible patients to CMs.4.080.93
    I would like care management to continue.4.510.77
     CM acceptance4.000.804.200.73
  • * All items were scored on a scale of 1 to 5.

  • CM, care manager; MiPCT, Michigan Primary Care Transformation; SD, standard deviation.